Heartland Duals Team Texas 2018


The Elementary team, Middle School team and Girls teamed traveled to the Omaha Nebraska Area to compete in the Heartland Duals. Each group had two teams, a blue team and a red team. These team members were selected among the top in the state of Texas based on State Championship performance and National Tournaments performance.
Cyrus Wilburn from Battleground Wrestling Club competed with the Middle School Red team as the 140 lb. representative. On Day one, Cyrus went 1-3 with one win and 4 losses. On day two, Cyrus went 4-1 with four wins and only one loss.
Battleground's own Coach Dennis Wilburn was a secondary coach for the Texas Middle School Blue Team.

Middle School Results

Middle School Boys
Texas Blue
L-Texas vs Nebraska Blue 45-30
W-Kansas Dust Storm 56-9
L-Texas vs IKWF 91-0
L- Texas vs Minnesota Thunder 88-8

Day 2 Gold Bracket
L-Texas vs Team PA 51-24
L-Texas vs Idaho 63-13
W-Texas vs South Dakota 42-33
L-Texas vs Best Trained 55-21
L-Texas vs Nebraska Red 55-21

Texas Red
L-Texas vs Iowa 74-12
L-Texas vs Kansas Thunder Storm 46-32
W-Texas vs South Dakota 50-22
W-Texas vs USA Freedom 70-27
L-Texas vs Georgia 56-18

Day 2 Platinum Bracket
L-Texas vs Indiana Gold 73-18
W-Texas vs Nebraska Blue 47-40
L-Texas vs IKWF 72-19

Team Texas

Team Texas